Even in an urban setting, many animals make their home in Lakeshore State Park’s prairies, waters and shorelines. Others use the island as a stop over for hunting, or on their migratory journeys. Visit often and at different times of the day to catch each inhabitant going about their daily routine.

Year-round residents include Canada geese, ring bill and herring gulls and mallard ducks. Locally-nesting barn and tree swallows fly low over the prairies, dining on flying insects in warm weather. Peregrine falcons and bald eagles are frequent visitors. Several species of sparrows and red-winged blackbirds nest in the developing prairies. Fall and winter bring a wide variety of migrating waterfowl that use the island as a stopover and resting place. Regular winter visitors include scaups, goldeneyes, buffleheads, and mergansers from the north. Snowy owls make a regular winter appearance as well.

Both grey and red foxes call the Park their home, and kits (youngsters) of both species are observed at the Park every year. The foxes are often seen at dawn and dusk, hunting, playing or just walking down the trails. Other mammals that live in the Park include mink, woodchucks, muskrats, various mice and voles, and an occasional coyote or deer. Curiously, we have not yet seen a rabbit, perhaps due to the foxes.

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