Great Lakes
Lakeshore State Park is truly a Great Lake’s park, built on former lake bottom and surrounded by the waters of Lake Michigan. The five Great Lakes form the largest freshwater complex in the world, sustaining over 42 million people within their watershed. They provide drinking water and power, dilute our waste water from homes and industries, and are used as a water super-highway. The lakes are a vacation destination for millions every year and support a large recreation industry.

Freshwater Facts

  • The water held in the Great Lakes could cover the entire United States by 9.5 feet.
  • The Great Lakes hold nearly 20% of the Earth’s and 95% of the Untied States’ fresh surface water.
  • 30% of Wisconsin lies in the Lake Michigan drainage basin – whatever is done to the land and surface waters in this area can eventually affect the lake.

Great Lake Issues
As large as they are, the Great Lakes have been harmed significantly by human activity in the last two centuries. The Wisconsin DNR  works with a number of organizations to develop and act on the Great Lakes Restoration and Protection Strategy. The Strategy addresses a number of Great Lake issues including: coastal health, invasive and native species, water quality, persistent toxins, and other areas of concern. Many of these issues form the core of Lakeshore State Park’s educational programs’ focus.

WI Great Lakes Strategy
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